IGCP Information Group on Crimes againts the Person
Група информацii за злочинами проти особи
Группа информации по преступлениям против личности

The number of victims of civil war
in Ukraine (2014-2016)

About Group

After months of the political crisis in Ukraine  accompanied by violent confrontation between the state and the opposition  law-enforcement agencies in several regions almost stopped their activity. Due  to this fact mass grave and especially grave crimes against person including  assault and battery, torture, rape, and threats of killing take place. These  crimes have both criminal and political motivation. Many of them are not only  unsuppressed by inactive law-enforcement agencies, but also left unregistered  in a due course of law. Members of the law-enforcement agencies also often  become victims of assault and battery and are threatened by the criminals.  Victims can only hope that the crimes against them will be thoroughly and  justly investigated, though there is just a small possibility of it.       

 As we are absolutely sure, that a human being  and his or her rights and freedoms are the greatest values in the modern  democratic society, that it is important to achieve justice for the victims of  the crimes and that taking into consideration the supremacy of law, we,  citizens of Ukraine, the European Union and the Russian Federation, declare the  creation of the public international Group of the Information about Crimes  against Person. The Group will be responsible for gathering the information  about the grave and especially grave crimes against person committed in Ukraine  from February 22, 2014 and sharing it with the people in Ukraine, the European  Union and the Russia Federation. After the law-enforcement system in Ukraine  starts working again, we will seek after the investigation of all the crimes  fixed by the Group in a due course of law of Ukraine.  

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