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‘Ukrnafta’ office captured by ‘combatants of an unknown battalion’

‘Ukrnafta’ office captured by ‘combatants of an unknown battalion’

Combatants of an unknown battalion are in the office of JCS Ukrnafta in Kiev, Sergey Lashchenko, an MP from Petro Poroshenko’s Block wrote on his page in Facebook.

‘Kolomysky is barricading in Ukrnafta. Don’t mix with UkrTransNafta, which Kolomoysky illegally took over on Thursday. Right now, on Sunday, the building of UkrTrasnafta in Nesterovsky Side Street is being surrounded by an iron fence. Just a few sections need to be joined. Two combatants of an unknown battalion are in the street. Another several dozens of combatants of an unknown battalion can be seen inside through the darkened windows. The security deny producing a permission for constructing a new fence,’ Vesty news web site quotes Leshchenko.

‘This all is Kolomoysky’s reaction to the newly adopted law on stock companies on the issue of reducing a quorum. The state owns 50% of shares plus one in Ukrnafta which is barricaded now, but it is the first time when the government can impose public management for the last 12 years. It seems that a warning of US ambassador Jeffry Payett saying that jungle laws have gone did not affect Kolomoysky. Well, it is just worse for Kolomoysky. Financial services of the USA can reach especially stubborn people in any spot of the world,’ said Leshchenko.

Previously, Leshchenko said on air of Vesty Radio, ‘While we are talking here, they build a castle in Ukrneft and make a fence around it, hashes are set between the floors. They are preparing for a so-called ‘storm’. It is a company the control interest of which belongs to the state and which must be taken over by the Ukrainian government by law. Kolomoysky knows it but now some armed people are brought to Nesterovsky Side Street, a fence is being constructed allegedly to prevent a storm.’

Last Thursday, Ihor Kolomoysky arrived at the office of UkrTransNafta company where he examined documents. After that the official came out to journalists and answered there questions in a rude manner.

A number of MPs who were journalists in past demanded resignation of the Dnepropetrovsk Region State Administration Governor and asked the parliament committee for freedom of speech to estimate his insulting words addressed to a journalist.