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MP claims to be beaten near ‘Ukrnafta’ office

MP claims to be beaten near ‘Ukrnafta’ office

Mustafa Nayem, a member of the Ukrainian parliament, says that he was beaten near the office of Ukrnafta, Korrespondent news web site reports.

Nayem says that he tried to get inside the building following Ukrnafta deputy CEO Viktor Zakharov.

‘After Zakharov entered the building, I followed him. At the entrance door I had a quarrel with people in camouflage. One of them who was in civil clothes hit me several times. Then they beat me into legs pulling away from the door,’ says the MP.

According to him, he asked to let him make sure that there were no armed people inside the office.

Nayem says that he allegedly saw though the open doors that the entire ground floor was full of people with metal shields.