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People in camouflage go on abducting and robbing people in Slavyansk

People in camouflage go on abducting and robbing people in Slavyansk

Crimes with participation of people in camouflage and even armed people become more and more frequent in the anti-terror operation region. According to one of the law enforcement agents’ versions criminals put on camouflage to ease committing crimes, Vesty news web site reports.

Thus, according to the press-service of the Ministry of internal Affairs, on March 19, a taxi driver from Artemovsk took his client to Gorlovka. He found no difficulty to enter the city controlled by the Donetsk People’s Republic but was stopped on his way back by armed people in camouflage uniform. The driver says that the unknown people began to threaten to him, took the car and his mobile phone. The driver had to leave Gorlovka on foot.

On the same day, not far from Slavyansk, near the village of Adamovka, people in camouflage stopped a car of a speculator. The car was carefully searched and it gave the law enforcement agents reason to think that the criminals acted with somebody’s clue. The criminals found a large sum of money, about 1,9 ml grivnas (about 200 000 USD) in the door of the car/ According to the victim, he was forced to get off the car in a forest and he had to get to the nearest city of Slavyansk on foot where he applied to local police department.

Meanwhile, people continue to disappear in Slavyansk. Tatyana Sharun, an 18-year-old student, as well as Sergey Koshchuv, a father of many children, have already been reported to disappear. Ludmila Kushchova’s husband was kidnapped by the military as far as on February 8. When the woman learnt that Aleksandr Kikhtenko, the chairman of the Donetsk Regional State Administration, has arrived in Slavyansk she decided to turn for his help.

Ludmila says that she has already applied to all possible bodies: police, prosecutor’s office, Chief Commissioner for Human Rights in the Parliament, OSCE, the Red Cross, but obtained no result. Ludmila also insists that the car on which her husband was taken away runs around the city but with another lenience plate.

‘The car runs around the city. We have seen this car many times. But this people are still not arrested and the car is not stopped,’ the wife of the kidnapped man told the chairman of the Donetsk Regional State Administration. Aleksandr Kikhtenko promised to investigate the matter.

Another two young men born in 1991 and 1996 are also reported to be abducted. They disappeared in the night into March 16 near a city night club. Eye-witnesses of the abduction say that he young men were taken by people in camouflage uniform in an unknown direction. Connection with them has been lost since that moment. A source in the law enforcement bodies says that there are much more files to police about disappearance of people, however, not all families of the kidnapped decide to release information about the incident and turn to the media for support.