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Beaten MP filed report to police

Beaten MP filed report to police

MP Mustafa Nayem filed a report to police saying that he was beaten near the office of Ukrnafta. He reported about it on Facebook.

‘I was really prevented from going inside the building despite proposition of the law about special status of an MP which allows to an MP to enter premises of any enterprise freely and regardless of the form of property and subordination. I was not beaten violently. However, they used force against me when I tried to enter the building. I filed a report to police and specified that it all happened in presence of the management of Ukrnafta,’ wrote Nayem.

He also said that he failed to speak to Ihor Kolomoysky without cameras as he suddenly had a meeting. ‘We arranged to meet next time, following which I returned to Ukrnafta,’ said the MP.

What is more, he said that officers of the security company which re now inside the Ukrnafta office do not have right to bear automatic fire arms, Vesty news web site reports.

On March 22, armed people without arm signs of recognition barricaded in the office of Ukrnafta. A man who introduced himself as Viktor Zakharov, a chief security officer of the company, came out to journalists. He said that the fence around the building was constructed according to the planned works.

Mustafa Nayem produced his MP’s ID and asked to let him into the premises. But when the politician tried to come up to the doors of Ukrtransnafta, a skirmish occurred and the MP’s leg was captured by the fence. Nayem and journalists following him were literary pushed out.