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The ‘Right Sector’ claims thy will not obey Kiev’s order to dismiss the battalions

The ‘Right Sector’ claims thy will not obey Kiev’s order to dismiss the battalions

The Right Sector Volunteer Ukrainian Corpus claims that they will not obey the decision of the authorities to dismiss volunteer battalions if it repeats. Korrespondent news website reports about it referring to the press-service of the unit on Wednesday, March 25.

The battalion believes that the effective Ukrainian authorities can be influenced by the Kremlin in its decision to dismiss the illegal units. ‘Section 10 of the Complex of Measures for Implementation of Minsk Agreement directly stipulates for disarming of units which are not parts of the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of the Internal Affairs and the Security Service of Ukraine (these are the Ukrainian volunteers who are specified in the Complex of Measures, as rebels of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics are to turn into units of the people’s police in accordance to the Law on the Special Order of Self-governing), says the report.

The Right Sector believes that some ‘secret agreements’ about dismissing and withdrawal of combatants of the volunteer battalions from the front line were reached in Minsk.

The Volunteer Ukrainian Corpus will go on defending the Ukrainian land and we do not need a single permission to do it,’ the press-service announces.

Previously, the leader of the Right  Sector Dmitry Yarosh claimed that any agreements with the separatists contradict The Ukrainian Constitution, therefore the Right Sectortakes it right to ignore the order about the ceasefire.