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Officer’s murder in Volnovakha: 30 people arrested

Officer’s murder in Volnovakha: 30 people arrested

By Wednesday, officers of the Security Service of Ukraine have arrested 30 people within investigation of a murder of the service’s officer Viktor Mandzik in the village of Volnovakha and collateral legal cases, Korrespondent news website reports referring to the press-service of the Security Service of Ukraine.

The arrests were held in the Donetsk and Dnepropetrovsk Regions. The suspects mounted resistance. At the same time, possible relation of the suspects to volunteer battalions and movements is checked. On the whole, 19 sub machines, a machine gun, nine RPG-26 grenade launchers, 42 under-barrel grenade launchers, pistols, grenades, about 13, 000 cartridges of different calibre, over six kilos of explosives were seized from the offenders.

The first arrests of armed people were performed on March 21 in Volnovakha where captain of the Security Service of Ukraine was killed. The next stage of the operation was held on March 22. Eight servicemen of one of the battalions were arrested on the premises of one of the children institutions in Volnovakha district who had no military order to be there. They were armed with machine and fire arms and grenades.

Another ten armed people who introduced themselves as police officers and activists of one of social movements were found and arrested in one of the local country house communities. The search of people who are directly related to the murder of the Security Service of Ukraine officer is underway, as well as operative measures taken for finding and arresting an assistant of one of the MPs. Four eye-witnesses of this crime are also detained. They are interrogated, says the official body.

In the Donetsk Region only, the Security Service of Ukraine arrested an accomplice of the person suspected of the officer’s murder. During a search in his flat, large sums of money in national and foreign cash were seized. The detained woman confirmed her connection with the suspect and provided important information for his further search.

In Dnepropetrovsk, grenade launchers, bags with cartridges, grenades and trotyl blocks were seized from the office of one of the suspects who was an assistant of the potential killer. The origin of the weapon and ammunition is being ascertained. Officers of the Security Service of Ukraine also found a bus in Dnepropetrovsk hot on the trail on which the murderers of the officer of the Security Service of Ukraine in Volnovakha. Twenty grenades for an under-barrel grenade launcher and a brand new box with cartridges were found inside.