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Stele with Ukrainian flag was tried to explode in Kharkiv

Stele with Ukrainian flag was tried to explode in Kharkiv

About half past three a.m. on Tuesday, an explosion thundered in Kharkiv. In fact, it was heard all over the city, social network users report.

IT Sector Kharkiv reports in Twitter that the explosion occurred on Pravdy Avenue behind the National Kazarin University. ‘A stele with the flag were blown up. Nobody was injured, the steleis standing,’ says the report.

After the explosion, the trespass alongPravdy Avenue is blocked. The Ministry of Internal Affairs  has not commented on the situation yet, Korrespondent news website reports.

One of the communities in VKontakte social network confirms this information. ‘A loud explosion thundered about 3:28 in the centre of the city. In Zello, they said that aUkrianian flag inPravdy Avenue was blown up. The information has been confirmed. It was a flag. But it is still waving,’ says the report. The community also suggests that the street was blocked in case the stele fell.