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The number of victims of civil war
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Fighting between anti-Maidan and Euro-Maidan activists occurred in Odessa

Fighting between anti-Maidan and Euro-Maidan activists occurred in Odessa

On Friday, April 10, a fighting between activists of Kulikovo Pole (Odessa anti-Maidan activists) and Euro-Maidan activists took place in Glory Alley in Odessa.

A man with a Georgian ribbon is reported to go out into the square centre in front of the alley and cry out that he thanked veterans for the victory and release of Odessa. ‘Euro-Maidan activists and members of Self-Defence who were waiting for Poroshenko encircled him and tore off the ribbon from him. Activists of Anti-Maidan started to gather there. Later, one more skirmish occurred between people holding Maidan self-defence flag and a group holding copies of Victory Banner in their hands,’ Korrespondent  news website reports.

Members of both groups started a quarrel following which several people tried to start a fighting. However, police officers prevented it.

Poroshenko arrived in Odessa to do homage to sailors who were killed while protecting and releasing the city during the Second World War. While he was laying flowers to the monument of the Unknown Sailor in Glory Alley, people shouted ‘Glory to Ukraine’, ‘Fascism won’t pass’ and ‘Murderer’.